“We had great flights and a nice sightseeing program, it was very nice to have you on our side! Kind regards and all the best until we meet you again.”

paragliding tour tenerife
“Thanks for a wonderful week guiding us on the Island!”Alex, Flugschule Hirondelle, Germany

“What a fantastic 3 weeks I’ve had! I’m still smiling.
I came to Tenerife as a newly qualified uk pilot that hadn’t flown since training. Oana was very quick to respond to my enquiry and answered all the questions I had about visiting.
I had requested to ground handle before flying to get myself comfortable with my new equipment which she accommodated by taking me to a safe spot to practice till I was completely happy.
Up on the take off area her expertise really shows, her knowledge of the winds, weather and potential areas of turbulence is shared to the group to help build up a picture of the environment and ensures you are prepared for a safe and enjoyable flight.

Oana has the perfect attitude to flying, she’s friendly, knowledgeable and safe making people feel comfortable and able to fully enjoy the Tenerife flying experience.

Not only is Oana’s guiding fantastic but her great knowledge of local restaurants left my belly happy as well as quenching my thirst to fly.

I will definitely be returning not only for the brownie and croissant breakfasts and delicious fishy lunches but the guidance Oana gives that has made my confidence grow and given me the knowledge and skills to have a safe and enjoyable paragliding future.

A very warm and sincere heartfelt thank you for your guidance and support during my fantastic visit.
Thank you.”

“Oana has the perfect attitude to flying.”Paul, Uk

“It was my third time paragliding in Tenerife. I had three different guides so far. If you are looking for the perfect organized, relaxing, comfortable, friendly and secure flying holidays, that´s with Oana for sure. She does a perfect job, brings you to the best flyable spots on the island and gives you all the information you need to have a joyful, secure and long flight. We have seen a lot of local places you will never find without her (not only take-offs and landings). Thank you very much for your outstanding service!”

winter thermal flying
“The perfect organized, relaxing, comfortable, friendly and secure flying holidays.”Karl, Switzerland

“Thanks a lot for the guiding, Oana!
Oana arranged everything very well, I’ve always felt good and I’m already looking forward to the next time flying with her.”

“What an amazing time!”Antonia, Germany

“The days with Oana were really great. She knows the area very well and takes care of everything. When I had a problem with my glider, she used her contacts, and just 2 hours later, I was back in the air. Oana is a super nice person. I had a fantastic time! As a bonus, she shares all about local Tenerife and places to visit.”


sunset tandem flight tenerife
“I had a fantastic time!”Leo, Germany

“We got to know each other when she came up to us with a nice smile and helped to free the glider from a cactus. With her calm manner, the canopy was freed quickly. After a great conversation, it was clear to us that we wanted to fly with her for a week. During this week, she always gave us good advice on take-off and landing sites, as well as about the weather (Tenerife’s weather system, wind, thermal hotspots, etc) and everything that had nothing to do with flying (restaurant, sightseeing). She is always in a good mood, funny, helpful, and a great pilot. We can’t wait to come to Tenerife again. To experience even more. Thanks a lot for everything.”

happy pilots paragliding trip
“Need a guide in Tenerife? Oana is perfect for this job.”Laurenz and Stefan, Switzerland

“If you are looking for someone that can optimize your chance to fly around Tenerife island, Oana is the right person. She is very committed, ready to drive all around the island to find the best take-off every day.
Even when I was tired, and I was willing to rest the next day, she contacted me the next morning to suggest a program for the day, which was always cool and I could not decline….
She is a very kind person, drives carefully, reliable and always on time like a Swiss cuckoo clock at pick up time. In addition, she knows excellent restaurants, away from the touristic routes.
If you want to enjoy the best what Tenerife can offer to a paragliding pilot, Oana will be the perfect guide”

izaña flight
“Oana will be the perfect guide!”Stephane, Switzerland

“I came to Tenerife specifically to learn to thermal and get into the XC game. Being new to the sport, I had accumulated most of my airtime coastal soaring and had less than ten minutes of actual thermalling. On the very first day, with Oana guiding me on the radio, I spent over an hour thermalling my way up to cloudbase. Every day was a personal best, spending hours flying into the clouds, hunting thermals, simulating XC tasks, and beautiful sunset landings at the beach. After four days with Oana, I felt that I progressed from the beginner level, reaching a new stage of competency as a Pilot. Oana was a joy to hang out with daily and highly professional, meticulous at forecasting, planning, and safety. If you’re looking for a laid-back, intimate view into the world of paragliding in Tenerife, book with Oana. She’ll take you to new heights…literally!”

winter thermal flying
“Mind Blown! Expectations Obliterated! Official Paraholic!”Gideon, US

“Thx… for guiding, finding me when I bombed out and making me paraholic!!! 🙂 hanging out in this beautiful spots with Oana is soul therapy… definitely will come back 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻”

xc winter flying guided tour
“Oana is the best!!!”Ben, Germany

“I had an amazing week paragliding in Tenerife with Oana; I can’t wait for a return visit. I experienced long ‘top to bottom’ flights, climbs to Cloudbase in predictable thermals, XC ridge flying, and an intense white knuckle gorge flight, leading to nice thermal flying over the flatlands, which was truly awesome. Oana is the perfect host! Being a local XC pilot she has a detailed local knowledge of local conditions, sites and weather. Her impressive flying skills are compliment by her fantastic logistic abilities, accommodation and knowledge of local restaurants; essential for recuperation after a long day in the sky.”



flying trip tenerife
“Highly recommended!”Dave, Uk