Fly with Paraholic Tenerife!

Welcome to Paraholic Tenerife! (Paraholic: noun: a person suffering from a chronic love or addiction to paragliding)
That´s us or as an ancient wise man once said: Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.

Because we belong there.

And because of that, what could feel more satisfying and joyful than spending time outdoors in the paragliding world, checking forecasts, taking you flying around beautiful Tenerife, and seeing that magical glow of happiness in your eyes and a huge smile at the end of the day!

My name is Oana Matei, and I’m a Paraholic. I have been living and flying in Tenerife since 2010 because all those flying flags on the Tenerife´s map made it look like a paragliding paradise. It definitely is! Plus, the beautiful ocean, nature, and the warm temperatures all year rock!
Sharing now with you the passion and knowledge of flying in Tenerife.

The guiding and coaching services are available from October to April when the best flying conditions are.


What we offer

With its 15 paragliding sites that work with different wind directions and intensity, Tenerife offers you different flying experiences: from soaring close to the ocean at 200m, thermaling and XC above amazing landscapes to peaceful high-altitude flights at 2200m.

Paragliding is guaranteed 99% of the time.

In order for you to have a safe and fantastic paragliding holiday, we provide:

briefing and debriefing regarding the daily forecast and the paragliding areas


pick-up and drop-off from the meeting point in Adeje and La Caleta

radio support in flight and thermalling and XC assistance (coaching service)

recommending and booking restaurants and different non-flying activities

There´s also the possibility of practicing your ground handling skills and having an instructional paragliding tandem (180eu/flight) to increase your confidence and piloting level and decrease the likelihood of incidents.

Limited spaces in order to offer you the best service!

All you´ll have to do is enjoy and fly, fly, fly!


Let’s fly together!

Tenerife will take your breath away with its beauty, the unique microclimates, and the different flying conditions: sometimes smooth, soft, and dreamy, occasionally rough to train your heart, and technical to improve your skills. One of the best teachers ever!


200€ day/person
  • Instructional radio support in flight
  • Groundhandling, thermalling and XC assistance
  • Guiding with certified instructor
  • Briefing and debriefing regarding the daily forecast and the paragliding areas
  • Pick-up and drop-off from the meeting point in Adeje and La Caleta
  • Retrievals during the flying day

*For new pilots or low airtime pilots

*Minimum 30 independent flights per year

*Maximum 3 pilots/group

The guiding and coaching services are available from October to April when the best flying conditions are.

Mandatory conditions:
-qualified pilot with an internationally recognized license, third party insurance
-autonomous take-off, flying and landing
-complete paragliding equipment, VHF radio, and functional phone
-travel insurance and accident insurance specifically for paragliding


What My Clients Say
“An amazing paragliding experience made possible by Oana.”
Florian, Austria

“I had a wonderful paragliding experience with Oana and I cannot recommend her enough. She is very competent and client-oriented.
I went to Tenerife for 1 week in early December 2021 with my wife and two kids so we could all have a good time together (wife & kids: family hotel and zoos, daddy: Paragliding ;))
I contacted Oana via WhatsApp and booked 3 days guiding with Oana so I still had enough time with the family. On the first day of the guiding the weather was not so good and Oana offered me to cancel the guiding day free of charge, what a service! So I just changed the date of the first guiding day to two days later when the wheather had good thermal potential again. During the three days of guiding Oana picked me up at my hotel, and drove me to the landings sites for inspection and then we went paragliding as much as possible to launch zones of Taucho and Ifonche. She briefed me on important aspects of the terrain and the landings and the best thermal areas, so I had no problem in getting many hours of great flying time. After landing I texted her where I was and 15min later she was at the landing site and drove me back up to the next launch point. Often she would monitor where I was flying and was already at the landing zone when I arrived. On two of the three days I booked my wife and kids wanted to go to the zoo once more so I told Oana that I will only come in the afternoon for half a day guiding. This was no problem, I just texted her around 1pm when family time was finished and 15min later she was at the hotel to take me flying. Overall I had such an amazing paragliding experience with many hours flying in a short amount of time, and this was only made possible by Oana. In summary, she is a perfect guide for paragliding in Tenerife and I cannot recommend her enough.”

La Corona
“5 stars and highly reccommended!”
Jerome, Netherlands

“When you want to fly in Tenerife and spend your time efficiently, at the best places, in good company and in a perfect atmosphere, then look no further, Oana is the guide to go for. She´ll take you to the main flying sites, the best restaurants and will not stop smiling during the whole day. And on top of it all, she´ll accompany you everywhere, even at the restaurants and will help you pick the best local food. I´ve had a great time and will not hesitate to go with Oana again when coming back to Tenerife. “

“Absolute 5 star recommendation!”
Richard, Germany

“Always well prepared, always with a plan, resulting in many nice flights and great satisfaction. Thank you Oana! Gladly again!!”


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