“I felt safe and cared for as a beginner and enjoyed a very nice week with Oana! She is very joyful and was there from morning to evening to care for the group and its needs. Great service! Thanks for the time :)”

guided beginner paragliding
“Great service!”Georg, Germany

“I had a wonderful paragliding experience with Oana and I cannot recommend her enough. She is very competent and client-oriented.
I went to Tenerife for 1 week in early December 2021 with my wife and two kids so we could all have a good time together (wife & kids: family hotel and zoos, daddy: Paragliding ;))
I contacted Oana via WhatsApp and booked 3 days guiding with Oana so I still had enough time with the family. On the first day of the guiding the weather was not so good and Oana offered me to cancel the guiding day free of charge, what a service! So I just changed the date of the first guiding day to two days later when the wheather had good thermal potential again. During the three days of guiding Oana picked me up at my hotel, and drove me to the landings sites for inspection and then we went paragliding as much as possible to launch zones of Taucho and Ifonche. She briefed me on important aspects of the terrain and the landings and the best thermal areas, so I had no problem in getting many hours of great flying time. After landing I texted her where I was and 15min later she was at the landing site and drove me back up to the next launch point. Often she would monitor where I was flying and was already at the landing zone when I arrived. On two of the three days I booked my wife and kids wanted to go to the zoo once more so I told Oana that I will only come in the afternoon for half a day guiding. This was no problem, I just texted her around 1pm when family time was finished and 15min later she was at the hotel to take me flying. Overall I had such an amazing paragliding experience with many hours flying in a short amount of time, and this was only made possible by Oana. In summary, she is a perfect guide for paragliding in Tenerife and I cannot recommend her enough.”

“An amazing paragliding experience made possible by Oana.”Florian, Austria

“Great time! The best choice in Tenerife. Had a great time with Oana. She knows all the places and read the conditions easily. Thanks a lot for the guiding, Oana!”

flying tour paradise tenerife
“The best choice in Tenerife.”Thomas, Austria

We enjoyed full-time guiding with Oana and got to know starting places from south to north. Thanks also for the good tips on the restaurants. The great photos will remind us of the beautiful holidays. Oana, nice to know you, we will recommend your guiding.”

best guided paragliding tour tenerife
“Wonderful flying days.”Irene, Markus, Yves and Birdy, Switzerland

“Sensationell! Awesome! Oana finds always a spot to fly, escape the cloudy weather and delivers the opportunity to fly for unexperienced pilots as well. She exactly knows where to fly and later land in safe spots. She motivates the more experienced pilots to fly distance and retrieves them in a short time. If desired there are often 3-4 flights a day. Or a flight for 3-4 hours.
And she knows the best restaurants for dinner and makes a good companionship.
It’s absolutely great to join her. (I fly since 1986). “

distance flying tenerife
“Absolutely great!”Peter, Switzerland

Oana is a sunshine. We flew more than we could have hoped for. We look forward to the next time.”

happy swiss pilot
“This is exactly how we imagine flying holidays.”Niklaus, Switzerland

“Heartful, caring, knowledgeable, sunshine. The first 4 adjectives that came to my mind when I think at our wonderful time, we had with Oana. She brought us always to the best places to fly, no matter how much driving it was. Whoever is at the take-off, no matter what skill level the pilot has, she turns the flight into a rememberable moment – which can also imply that you are not starting but ground handling instead. It is not an easy job to satisfy everybody from beginner to professional, but she really did well. She keeps the herd of flying sheep’s small, so that she can take care of everybody – generating a family like experience. For Oana, a flying day will not end by bringing all of us back to our accommodations. Most of the time, we were heading all together to a restaurant to eat fantastic local food for a decent price, far away from crowded touristic places. Papas arrugadas, fresh seafood, just to mention a few. To sum-up, if you are looking for a personal guiding experience, a lot of flying time in a wonderful place, willing to learn to adapt to a different environment – Tenerife is definitely not the alps but a beautiful island with 46 micro climates, listening to the caretaking advices of Oana, you will have a superb time on Tenerife, I guarantee. Thank you very much Oana for this wonderful experience.”

paragliding holiday
“Wonderful experience!”Dominique and Elena, Austria

Oana is a fantastic person, always positive and a great professional. 7 days with Oana were high-quality, intense… just great- great flights, great tips from Oana, great restaurants… Thank you Oana❤️ we will be with you again.

winter guided paragliding tour tenerife south
“Great flights!”Oksana, Switzerland

“Great time with Oana, she knows the place like the back of her pocket and can easily read the conditions. Super nice and simple to hang out with her. If you have limited time and you wanna fly with confidence it’s surely the best choice! Have fun in the air.”

Paragliding Tenerife
“The best choice!”Ben, France

“I escaped the bad weather in the alps and came to tenerife. I found Oana on the internet.
I had three wonderful days with over 10 hours of airtime. Professional, with great commitment and the best care, that’s how I experienced Oana. I can recommend her at any time.”

fly holiday Adeje
“Professional, with great commitment and the best care.”Marcel, Switzerland