“What a fantastic 3 weeks I’ve had! I’m still smiling.
I came to Tenerife as a newly qualified uk pilot that hadn’t flown since training. Oana was very quick to respond to my enquiry and answered all the questions I had about visiting.
I had requested to ground handle before flying to get myself comfortable with my new equipment which she accommodated by taking me to a safe spot to practice till I was completely happy.
Up on the take off area her expertise really shows, her knowledge of the winds, weather and potential areas of turbulence is shared to the group to help build up a picture of the environment and ensures you are prepared for a safe and enjoyable flight.

Oana has the perfect attitude to flying, she’s friendly, knowledgeable and safe making people feel comfortable and able to fully enjoy the Tenerife flying experience.

Not only is Oana’s guiding fantastic but her great knowledge of local restaurants left my belly happy as well as quenching my thirst to fly.

I will definitely be returning not only for the brownie and croissant breakfasts and delicious fishy lunches but the guidance Oana gives that has made my confidence grow and given me the knowledge and skills to have a safe and enjoyable paragliding future.

A very warm and sincere heartfelt thank you for your guidance and support during my fantastic visit.
Thank you.”