“Heartful, caring, knowledgeable, sunshine. The first 4 adjectives that came to my mind when I think at our wonderful time, we had with Oana. She brought us always to the best places to fly, no matter how much driving it was. Whoever is at the take-off, no matter what skill level the pilot has, she turns the flight into a rememberable moment – which can also imply that you are not starting but ground handling instead. It is not an easy job to satisfy everybody from beginner to professional, but she really did well. She keeps the herd of flying sheep’s small, so that she can take care of everybody – generating a family like experience. For Oana, a flying day will not end by bringing all of us back to our accommodations. Most of the time, we were heading all together to a restaurant to eat fantastic local food for a decent price, far away from crowded touristic places. Papas arrugadas, fresh seafood, just to mention a few. To sum-up, if you are looking for a personal guiding experience, a lot of flying time in a wonderful place, willing to learn to adapt to a different environment – Tenerife is definitely not the alps but a beautiful island with 46 micro climates, listening to the caretaking advices of Oana, you will have a superb time on Tenerife, I guarantee. Thank you very much Oana for this wonderful experience.”